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DISORDERS cardiac valve
The heart has four valves that control the flow and amount of blood that enters and leaves its cameras, the auricles and the ventricles. These valves are the mitrales and the tripeaks.

A defect or disease in anyone of them is able to interrupt the normal flow causing severe damages that even can take to the death.

The problems of the cardiac valves are divided according to the affected one in mitral, aortic, tricuspidea and pulmonary Estenosis, and regurgitation.

The damage can be made when a valve cannot be opened completely so that the heart receives the amount of blood that needs, which is called estenosis or when the valve is not closed correctly, causing problems as much in the entrance as in the exit of the vital liquid, which is known like insufficiency or regurgitation.

This problem generally must to some congenital problem cardiac or by some diseases like the coronariopatía, the attacks to the heart or infarcts and some infections, like the rheumatic fever and the endocarditis.

In many greater people, the calcium deposits can obstruct the aortic valve and in many women, a prolapse of the mitral valve appears of special form, that is to say, when one or more of peaks of the valves does not close perfectly.

The consequences of a mitral valve cardiac patient vary. The estenosis and the regurgitation of the mitral valve can cause congestiva cardiac insufficiency. An aortic valve patient can cause hipertrofia and weakness of the left ventricle.

This problem can affect all the people, and can exist during many years, without symptoms or annoyances appear, but when they appear, generally are:

Difficulties when breathing, with lack of breath.


Angina of chest that is intense pain in half of the chest.


IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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