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The bipolar upheaval or bipolar affective upheaval, known previously like circular madness or mani'aco - depressive psychosis, is a suffering that usually is complicated fundamentally by the lack of opportune and suitable diagnosis.

It the same affects men and women and it appears generally between the 15 and 35 years and one appears most frequently in relatives of people who are suffer this upheaval.

One of the most severe problems of this disease is the high risk of existing suicide in anyone of the two phases, which can get worse if the patient abuses the alcohol or other addictive substances. Reason why immediate medical aid is due to look for when in patient: it shows his desire to commit suicide or death speech, presents / displays severe symptoms of depression or odd habit and already has diagnosed him bipolar upheaval.

This mental disease both prevents an suitable balance of the mood between emotional poles, for that reason it is called bipolar. One of them is the depression or sadness and the other is the odd habit, excitabilidad or euphoria and when there is a fast fluctuation of a mood or a pole towards another pole, appears a bipolar upheaval.

It is a cyclical disease, that is pronounced by long depressive periods with low mood, incapacity to enjoy, negative lack of energy, ideas and in serious cases, suicide ideas, that they are interfered momentarily by a normal period and later it appears the euphoria, an elevated mood, wild joy, abnormal hyperactivity and irritability and grosería.

Depending on the type of episodes that appear, the bipolar upheavals can be:

Of type I, with depressive and maníacos episodes.

Of type II, with depressive and hipomaníacos episodes. These people rare time experience a complete maníaco episode.

A slight form of bipolar upheaval, is the call cyclothymia, that implies periods of hypoodd habit and slight depression.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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