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After day exhausting in that or it was walked too much, was seated by long time or when a long trip was made that maintained to us almost immovable, is advisable to place the feet in high avoiding that the ankles are swollen or if this already happened so that they are desinflamen.

And it is that when we walked or we run, the muscles of pantorrilla and the valves of the veins are contracted and relaxed in each step, which is generated a pumping movement that defies the gravity upwards allowing the return of the blood so that they can arrive at the greater safena vein and it goes there again to the heart.

When it is remained long time of seated foot or, the pumping of suitable form is not made and the blood runs with more slowness, being accumulated in the legs and pantorrillas, causing its swelling.

This problem also is frequent in greater people, since its heart does not have the sufficient power and the blood is pumped with greater slowness, which generates a high pressure and the accumulation of blood in the ankles, in addition the walls to the veins yield and they stretch and the valves of the veins are not closed suitably.

Other factors of risk so that the ankles are swollen are:

the tobacco and the cholesterol in blood that can cause blockades in the veins or form clots or trombos that prevent the suitable circulation.

on weight that falls to the ankles.

Diseases like the drop, the diabetes, the hypertension and other diseases vasculares.

the water retention caused by renales problems.

the use of oral or injected contraceptives.

the pregnancy by on weight that mainly has the woman during the last months.

The use of average ortopédicas that hold and compress pantorrillas and exert pressure on the expanded blood vessels so that the return of the blood is made towards the heart, is very recommendable in people who frequently undergo inflammation of the ankles.

Also the baths of feet with cold water and the exercises of bicycle in the water help.

In order to prevent this problem it is necessary:

To walk at least 20 minutes daily.

To rise at least each half an hour, if the labor activities are made On guard seated.

once in a while To elevate the feet during the day, to one more an elevated height than the knees.

To take abundant liquids during the day.

To use comfortable shoes and that narrow or are not tightened.

To go to the doctor in case of noticing that the ankles become inflamed frequently so that it establishes the origin and the suitable treatment.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge by its use.

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