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It is an intestinal infection caused by a parasite that comes from animals used for human consumption.

There are several types of tapeworms, but most frequent they are: Taenia saginata, that comes from the meat of cattle and the Tapeworm solium, that causes the cisticercosis.

To taenia saginata, it is also called to him solitary, because in general an adult worm in the intestine of the infected person only lodges.

Taenia saginata is a flatworm of the Cestoda class, is a segmented lombriz and hermafrodita, it is to say that he is male and female at the same time and whose adults are developed in the intestine of the human being acting like only definitive guest. This lombriz gets to measure between 5 to 10 meters in length and has 4 cupping glasses in the head that uses them to pay attention to the intestinal wall, habitually the thin intestine, nourishing itself of the foods which they must be taken advantage of by the person, which causes problems in the growth of the contaminated children and children and undernourishment, in addition to many physical annoyances.

The segments or proglótides of the tapeworm, are thrown and usually seen in the fecal matter. With aid of the muscular weave that they have, they can cross the anal sphincter and appear in the underclothes.

The man constitutes the only definitive guest in who the adult form can be developed. The teniasis is a problem that appears anywhere in the world and mainly affects to people who do not have a suitable hygiene in their foods and their hygienic habits, mainly when defecating. Also it gets to affect other people when the meat does not have a suitable sanitary control.

The parasite of the saginata tapeworm acquires itself by means of meat of head of cattle badly cooked or crude that contains enquistadas larvae.

Many infected do not present / display symptoms, when they get to appear most common are:


abdominal Pain.

Upheavals of the appetite.

general Malaise.


There are people who when defecating expel segments from the tapeworms.

The diagnosis settles down by means of in analysis of the fecal matter.

The treatment, includes antiparasitic medicines like the Niclosamida, the Praziquantel and treatments prolonged with Albendazol.

In order to prevent this parasite it is necessary:

To avoid to eat meat of cooked crude head of cattle or bad pig or.

It avoids to eat in street positions or places of doubtful hygiene.

To wash or the hands after going to the bath and before touching, eating or to ingest foods.

To avoid to defecate in culture sites or in where there is cattle or pig.

To handle with much hygiene the fecal matter of the ill people.

To take care of the indications of the doctor and to administer the complete medical treatment.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we become people in charge on its use.

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