Deafness in children

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Deafness in children
The otológicas diseases are to say of the ears in the childhood is very frequent and their consequences affect the capacity of learning, communication and cause upheavals in the behavior, language and scholastic yield.

The children of pre - scholastic and scholastic age constitute a population of "risk" very elevated since they are very vulnerable to contract respiratory diseases specially those that affect the ears, due to the lack of maturation and development of his respiratory system, which finishes in the adolescence.

The childhood is a stage during which as they are maturing the faculties involved with the development of the language in the boy, which they are the auditory sharpness and the line of vision, heavy and fine the motricidad, the sensorio - motor coordination and mental capacities like the memory, attention, communication and other that are evolving with the years, conforming the base for the scholastic learning and in contraparte for its scholastic failure.

Between you hypourge them, or auditory pathologies that affect the children are:

The peripheral auditory disorders, that can as much originate in him conductivo mechanism of the external ear as of means and which they have like consequence the auditory loss of conduction or hipoacusia conductiva.

Also they are possible to be originated in the neurosensorial mechanism of the internal ear and the auditory nerve. Inflicting perceptiva neurosensorial auditory casualty or hipoacusia.

The disorders of central auditory processing are originated in the central auditory route and have like consequence the disorder in cortical the central auditory processing or hipoacusia.

Hipoacusia also exists mixed, that is the combination of the peripheral auditory disorders at level of the conduction mechanisms and neurosensoriales.

hipoaclusia conductiva, affects the transmission of the sound by the inposiblidad that has the sound to cross the barrier at level of the external ear and / or the average ear and can have a:

the obstruction of the external auditory conduit, by the presence of strange bodies, accumulation of earwax or match or to infections.

To perforations of the membrane of the eardrum, injuries in the chain of huecesillos or to the lack of mobility of the same one.

To adhesions of the walls of the box of the eardrum or to the secretion presence of fat, watery, mucoide liquid or pus.

The treatment can go from a suitable medical cleaning to surgeries or the use of fonoaudífono.

hipoaclusia perceptiva is originated by a problem in the conduction of the electrical impulse to the brain by affections in the cóclea (heard internal) or in the auditory nerve, which causes problems of understanding and clarity of the sounds. In these cases the damaged cells do not recover and the treatment that is offered is the use of devices or auditory prótesis and you implant cocleares, but in all the cases its application is not recommendable, reason why the doctor must evaluate well each case.

hipoaclusia cortical is caused by injuries in the cerebral crust or in the connections towards her and these cases it still does not have forms to restore hearing.

Another severe problem that causes deafness in the children is the blows in the head, that often are given by the parents and other adults and listening constantly extreme noises.

Children and deaf children exist thousand of, who thanks to special programs have the opportunity to get up themselves to the very effective and productive society of way and which they develop a special language to communicate with the others. They, as all the other people have right to being respected and to that the same opportunities of development occur them that to other people.

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