Reye's syndrome

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Reye's syndrome
Syndrome of Reye.

The infrequent sequel of an infection in children and adolescents that interests to the brain and other main organs, like liver and kidneys.

It is a hereditary disorder of the metabolism of the porfirinas.

The porfirinas are products of the metabolism of the hemoglobina, among other corporal proteins, and these diseases cause their accumulation.


Permanent cerebral injury, comma or death caused by the pressure on the brain.

Injuries in other affected organs, like renal or hepática insufficiency.


With treatment, 80% of the patients survive.

The majority recovers completely although some times are left injuries cerebral of different importance.

Diagnosis and treatment.


File and recognition by a doctor.

Analysis of blood or the hepática function and an analysis of the cerebroespinal liquid.


General measures.

None in special.


His doctor can prescribe:

Liquids by intravenous route.

Anticoagulating drugs to prevent the formation with blood clots during a permanence prolonged in bed.

Drugs like dexametasona to reduce the cerebral inflammation.

Antibiotics to treat the possible secondary bacterial infections.


If it is necessary, to keep bed until it sends the stage acute.

The television can be read or be watched.

Later, the normal activities can be retaken gradually.


None in special.

Signs and symptoms.



Changes of the personality.


Weakness and paralysis in a leg or an arm.

Double vision.

Difficulties of diction.

Auditory loss.

Progressive sleepiness until the coma.

Factors of risk.

Familiar antecedents of porfiria.

The drug use like contraceptive pills, alcohol, barbiturates, does not cause the disease but it can cause attacks.



In general, this syndrome appears after a víral infection.

Some studies connect it to the use of the aspirin during a viral disease, specially varicela and the influenza.

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