Disease information

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Common Resfriado.

Contagious viral infection of high the respiratory routes (nasal nose, throat, sines, ears, tubes of Eustaquio, larynx)


More than one hundred types different from virus that are transmitted by air: from the secrecciones of a patient that are suspended in the air, until they are breathed by another person.

Signs and symptoms.

General Dolorimiento.

Nasal, first like water and soon yellowish mucosity.

Annoyances when swallowing.

Nonproductive cough of esputo.

Slight fever or without fever.


Tearful eyes.

Loss of appetite.

Factors of risk.


Children until seven, eight years.

Places of hacinamiento or very concurred (schools, quarters, offices, department store.


To wash the hands, mainly after blowing one's nose the nose.

In the first 2 - 4 days to avoid contact with other people.

Not to go to sites very concurred.

To take rich vitamin foods C, like citruses or vegetables.

Diagnosis and treatment.


It is made by the clinic.

In special cases, when one needs to discard other processes, one will resort to other explorations (x - rays or analysis of laboratory)

General Measures.

To use humidificador.

To inhale the nasal snot in the small children.


In order to calm the symptoms: decongestants, antihistamine, nasal, antitusígenos drops and vitamin C in great doses.

To take antibiotics only by medical prescription.


Rest in bed or address the first days, mainly in the children and if there is fever or great general malaise.


To take liquids, better I warm up.

For the irritation of the respiratory routes, the hot infusions with honey and the caramels can be useful.


Bacterial Sobreinfecciones (taking advantage of the inflammation and diminution defenses that produces the viral infections) of ears, throat or lungs.


Spontaneous recovery in 7 - 14 days.

Attention to the people of the third age or with pulmonary problems or cardiac.

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