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Many parents are alarmed when they observe that after eating, his baby makes crops, escupe and until he gets to vomit the milk, that in addition has a disagreeable bitter scent that forces to change the clothes of the rough father.

This problem that is common, since gets it to suffer more than half of the suckling babies, is known like ebb tide and if the suitable attentions occur it does not have porqué to be a serious problem.

The gastroesofágico ebb tide is the return of liquid or solid foods, mixed with the gastric acid that produces the stomach, towards the esophagus and the mouth and is solved generally satisfactorily in just a short time.

Nevertheless he is advisable to differentiate between two types of ebb tide:

the physiological one that is pronounced with nauseas, vomit and regurgitations that is the return of the nutritional content towards the mouth.

the pathological one, also known like disease by gastroesofágico ebb tide that in addition to the previous symptoms, is associated with a esofagitis or inflammation of the esophagus, which had to the irritation caused by gastric acid.

The pathological ebb tide is very annoying and usually is dangerous since it pronounces by diminution in the normal increase of weight and carves and undernourishment, since the foods when not being digested normally, do not arrive at the intestine so that their nutrimentos absorvidos and are assimilated by the organism.

This suffering causes in the babies intense weeping, by the cólicos, hunger and other malaises, repeated respiratory infections with asthmatic pictures, cough, laryngitis, sinusitis and otitis, due to the loss of defenses of the organism.

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