Actinic keratosis

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Actinic keratosis
Queratosis actinic.

An injury of the skin caused by the exhibition to the precancerous sun.

It appears specially in the zones exposed to the sun in the head, arms and hands, in adults.


The individual queratosis disappears with treatment, but they can appear new injuries.

If one neglects, the actinic queratosis can lead to the skin cancer.


Damages in the skin (precocious aging)

Cancer of skin (including melanoma malignant, carcinoma of the basal cells and carcinoma of escamosas cells.

Diagnosis and treatment.


File and physical examination by a doctor.

In doubtful cases, it takes from a sample for its microscopic examination (normally all the injury for it is extirpated)


Surgical (burned exéresis or of the injury)

General measures.

After the diagnosis:

Diminish the exhibitions to the sun.

See its doctor for revisions every 6 months, to make sure the precocious detection and the treatment of the skin cancers.


His doctor can use:

Liquid nitrogen to congeal the affected zone.

Applications of fluorocil - 5 to the affected zones. They can cause an annoying inflammation, but they are very effective.

Vitamin To, still in experimental period.


There are no restrictions (it sees the prevention)


There is no a special diet.


Protéjase of the direct exhibition to the sun.

When it is outdoors, it wears to hat and protective clothings.

Use lotions and creams with a protective factor of 15 or more.

Signs and symptoms.

Reddish escamosas spots parduzcas or in the exposed zones of the skin. The spots are painless.

Factors of risk.

Works outdoors like those of the field or in height.

Sports outdoors.

The snow increases the risk, when reflecting the ultra - violet rayses.

Clear complexion.


Exhibition prolonged to rays of the sun (in concrete to ultra - violet rayses, more intense in the heights)

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