And presbyacusis OSTOSCLEROSIS

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And presbyacusis OSTOSCLEROSIS
It must to the deterioration of the ciliadas cells that cover the cóclea in the internal ear.

These cells have tiny called prolongations "cilia", that allow to transmit acoustic electrical impulses to the receiving part of the brain that processes the sounds. Accidents and the exhibition prolonged to the intense noise also can affect these cells.

One hipoacusia gradual, that begins to develop between the 20 and 40 years it can be due to otosclerosis, is to say to the degeneration of the huesitos of the average ear, but also to the exhibition to the noise, reason why the young people must have much taken care of when listening music in low tone or using headsets the smaller possible time and with smooth music.

Other factors that can cause temporary deafness are the earwax and the abuse in the consumption of medicines like the aspirin, antibiotics, quinine and certain diuréticos, the disease of Méniere, tumors, I spill or tromboembolias cerebral, virales injuries in the head and infections.

In order to settle down a suitable diagnosis of the auditory capacity, the person puts on approval in a special cabin of sounds and she is placed special headsets that transmit a range to him of tones of different frequencies, the person must be indicating if she listens to them well. Once evaluated the capacity and auditory loss, studies like x - rays and until tomografías are required to detect the origin of the damage or bony deformities.

The treatment for presbiaclusia is generally with the positioning of a headset or amplifier of the sound, to restore the auditory loss. This it never must be selected and be graduated by a professional and by the salesman.

Some cases of ostosclerosis, are gotten to deal with surgery, by means of a called procedure "estapedectomía" to extirpate the deteriorated bone that is generally the "stirrup" and to replace it by a prótesis that transmits vibrations of sound to the internal ear.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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