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When being born, all new born a little bent because the space within the uterus is restricted, which have the legs forces to double them a leg on the other.

But when being born, the bones must be aligned well and the legs must little by little appear parallel, of such form that when the ankles are gotten to touch, the knees also must make contact with the enemy.

Nevertheless, in many children and children it is common to notice that their legs are bent and although the ankles are together, the knees they remain separated, even though or they begin to walk or they have time to do it.

This problem known like genu varum, name that comes from genu (knees) and varum (curved to the center) generally is corrected single, but if the problem persists until the 3 years of age, he is recommendable to see a ortopedista, so that with the help of apparatuses and exercises it helps to correct the problem.

Nevertheless, when a single extremity bends, the problem can be due to a rotation of the bone of the leg, which can be caused by some congenital injury or some degenerative hereditary disease of the knee.

The legs also bent can be due to raquitismo, a disease caused by the vitamin deficiency D due to an inadequate amount of this one in the diet, to the lack of exhibition to the solar light or a genetic incapacity to absorb the vitamin. If this happens, the organism cannot use calcium and the bones soften and they are become deformed.

Other problems that are pronounced with this problem, are: infantile obesity, displacia bony, the poisoning by lead or fluoride or the disease of Blount or tibial osteocondrosis, in which the bone of the shinbone is curved inwards because the growth plate lets work normally. This anomaly can be developed in children who are very small or obese or appear during the growth in the adolescence.

In exceptional cases, the bent legs can have to a metabolic upheaval hereditary call neurofibromatosis, that can produce bent legs and other abnormalitys neuromusculares. In some cases, the arc must to a fracture in the plate of growth, or the metáfisis, the zone of an important bone that it maintains the cartilage and it covers the end of the bone. Generally, this suffering is only corrected as the bone is cured.

The problem of the bent legs is in which the bad position of the legs when walking is causing problems not only in knees, but also in hip and spine, often with irreversible deformations or damages that cause pain, annoyances and incapacity to make certain sport activities and until walking.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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