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The feet are part of the locomotive system and very important for all the people since they allow us to transfer us from a place to another one, to run, to dance, to jump, to put to us of ends to reach objects mainly and, in them falls all the weight of our body, more what we are loading at every moment.

It is integrated by 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles and more than 100 ligaments and in addition it has 2 arcs that serve as bony bridges to maintain the foot and to cushion the impact, one longitudinal to half of the foot and another small one in the front part. These arcs allow that the foot has strongpoints that make the march easier and placentera.

He is united to the leg by means of the ankle, that allows him to upwards move, down, to put it of end and to turn it, movements that make the march easier.

Sometimes, some children are born with a called deformity congenital foot zambo or equinovarus, problem that is commonest in men than in women and can affect one or on both feet.

This congenital deformity of the ankle and the foot happens during the fetal development and in most of the cases it must to that the metatarsianos bones bend downwards and inside, just as the heel, that it is turned towards the interior. In these cases the arc presents / displays an abnormal elevation and the joint of the ankle can be rigid or stiff, and pantorrilla is abnormally of the cases.

She thinks myself that most of the cases of foot zambo is a congenital defect of the ankle and the surrounding muscles and the cause cannot be identified, nevertheless, she has been related to the consumption by the mother during the medicine pregnancy like the tetotrexato that is used to treat the serious arthritis and psoriasis, reason why before any pregnancy, the mothers must have well - taken care of are the medicines that consume and to consult always to the doctor explaining to him the diseases well and medicines that take from the last months.

Also it is important to know that cases in that exist the foot of the baby is deformed immediately after the childbirth but that not necessarily zambo is a problem of foot but of contracturas of the fetal position in the uterus, reason why in just a short time they recover its normal form.

Important: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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