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Also known like: Epidermofitosis to interdigitoplantar, Tinea Podal or Tinea Pedis are one of the micóticas infectious diseases that is to say, caused by fungi more frequent.

She is very contagious, usually she is chronic and it affects the main ones mainly you fold of the feet, between the fingers and the plant and is caused almost always by antropofílicos fungi, like Tiña Rubrum, Tiña Mentagrophytes and Epidermofitos Floccosum that can act of combined form, concurrent and consecutive.

I infect almost always takes place of indirect form, mainly by means of the humid ground in regaderas and public ponds, by the shared use of towels or socks and / or footwear of other people.

There are several types of athlete foot:

The Tinea Pedis is pronounced between you fold them of the skin and is dry and usually pronounces of more intense form in spring and summer, arriving to cause much problem when walking or to make any sport.

The Tinea Pedis Intertriginosa, affects the interdigital comisuras and you fold of flexion, has whitish aspect and bad scent and produces very painful fissures, with much picazón that can be extended in the zone of the plant and back of the foot.

The Tinea Pedis Seca and Queratósica appear in the plantar and wild arcs of the foot in where extensive plates with small vesicles and grudges form that produce much comezón and ardor. If the infection must Tiña Rubrum, the affected zone becomes hardened and very painful fissures and alterations in the nails form.

TINEA PEDIS DISHIDROSIFORME affects the plant of the foot and the lateral surfaces of the fingers. It is characterized to present / display red, quemantes plates and that produces much comezón, also they appear blisters with clear liquid and purulento that when breaking itself they present / display humid wounds with descamación. They can be so painful that the person cannot walk suitably.

In order to prevent the fungi in the feet, he is recommendable:

To wash and to dry the feet daily, mainly between the fingers.

not to use shoes or socks of another person.

public sandals in regaderas and ponds Use.

To change of socks daily and to ventilate the shoes frequently.

To use talc to avoid excessive perspiration.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge by its use.

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