Acute otitis media

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Acute otitis media
Acute average otitis.

The ear is a sensible and complex organ, that provides hearing and the sense to us of the balance.

In the ear we were with three perfectly differentiated parts: the external ear, the average ear and the internal ear.

Through the external ear we gather the sounds that arrive to us from the outside. It finishes in a membrane (eardrum) that separates it of the average ear.

The average ear is formed by a gear of 3 huesecillos (hammer, anvil and stirrup) in a hollow box, able to amplify the sounds that we perceived and to transmit them to the internal ear, that will be the one in charge to turn the sonorous vibrations electrical impulses that will reach the brain. The tube of eustaquio, is a conduit that communicates the average ear with the throat. Thanks to her on both sides balance or equal the pressures of the eardrum.

The average otitis usually is an infectious process, generally bacterial, that interests to the average ear from an infection of the throat, that ascends by the tubes of Eustaquio.


Good following the treatment.

Diagnosis and treatment.

The symptoms give the diagnosis, that can be confirmed by otoscopia.

The treatment is with antibiotics and antinflamatorios, or local or general, but always under medical supervision.

Badly a treatment can lead to a deafness.


The infection can affect other near zones and organs, even to the brain.


As a rule, the prevention of the otitis passes through the prevention of colds and infections of the throat.

Factors of risk.

It is important, by the exposed thing, to avoid the excessive congestión of the nose and throat during a cold.

It is precise to apply precocious treatments, if it appears some alteration.

For that reason, before a suspicion of infection in the ear, if it appears pain or secretion of liquid by the auditory conduit, we must consult the doctor.

Signs and symptoms.

The main symptom is a pain intense ear and nocturnal predominance.

It is accompanied or not by hipocusia (partial deafness)

In the children frequently we found fever and general breaking.

The infection of the average ear entails a pus production, that lodges in their interior, where normally only is air.

To the being a small space, this pus can perforate the eardrum and burst in into the external auditory conduit (otorrea)

This causes that the pain disappears and a progressive improvement of the picture takes place.

Once solved the infection, the perforation of the eardrum heals not causing greater problems.


Bacterial infection of the average ear.

They take place, generally, in the context of an infection of throat or nose, that covers the tubes of Eustaquio, facilitating the permanence of the bacteria.

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