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The cause is not known well, but this dramatic event is related to problems in the mechanism of the central system nervous that control the breathing and the heart rate that is implied in the detection of the gas interchange during the breathing, appears of sporadic form and fast and it is not possible to be come up nor to be avoided.

Which is thought that they can contribute factors like the narrowing and the inflammation of the respiratory routes, a chronic oxygen deficiency and an irregular breathing with apnea events, can ready to the baby to espasmo of the trachea and cause its death.

In most of the cases the apnea, he is brief and the baby although cannot breathe does not present / display greater problem, but during a prolonged apnea, the lack of oxygen in the brain and the heart can cause a mortal arrhythmia cardiac. Generally, the death happens quickly without the babies cry or she is shaken and frequently nobody realizes event although the baby is even in arms of his parents.

The cradle death is commonest during the winter and in some cases it happens after to have suffered resfriado. Nevertheless, most of the babies they have not presented / displayed any disease or symptom before dying.

Between the predisponentes factors they are:

the inheritance, reason why to know if some familiar case exists is very important.

To be children of mothers smokers.

In to have had a brother or sister who has died of this form.

the being premature.

the had salary little weight when being born.

presenting / displaying a slower growth of the normal thing.

to establish the opportune measures of monitoring and immediate attention in case of urgency.

In some cases, the autopsy has revealed that the sudden death had to a cerebral hemorrhage, often caused by a fall or blow.

Also they have been in some children, miocarditis signals, that it is the inflammation of the muscle of the heart or meningitis, that is an infection of the membranes that protect to the brain and spinal marrow, but these diseases produce previous symptoms generally.

When there is the antecedent, monitors for apnea near the baby are due to place and in where is the mother, to identify if there is a cease of breathing and in this case it sounds an alarm.

Like preventive measures, it is recommended:

to never smoke near the baby or in his room.

not to lay down it mouth down.

To avoid that they sleep in the middle of the parents.

not to place blankets and sheets to them on its carita or that are very heavy and prevent the free movement.

not to put personal clothes to them or of fit bed. So that they are calientitos is better to put mameluco or calientita pajamas to them and to avoid to cover them, to avoid some type of asphyxia.

The valuation after being born and the pediátrico control it is also very important to identify any kind of cardiovascular problem opportunely, that very are related in some cases to this type of apnea.

Although medical treatment for this problem does not exist, in some cases it is important to hospitalize the baby whom it has had repeated episodes of apnea, to watch it and to control it opportunely.

The sudden loss of a son is one of the hardest blows of the life reason why the psychological direction is recommendable, mainly to avoid the fear when having another son or daughter.

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