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To wet the bed.

Urinary Incontinencia during the dream in greater children of five years.

Three times commonest in children than in children.

One takes place between a 15% of children in age of 5 years until a 1% at the age of the 18.


In most of cases it is not known.

Several recognized theories and causes exist, like:

The existence of an underlying disease like diabetes (mellitus or insipid) or infection of tracto urinary.

Small or weak Vejiga that disables the containment of tinkles it at night.

Psicopatológicos problems caused by stress or separation of the mother.

Deep dream.

Signs and symptoms.

To wet the bed at night and occasionally during the day.

It is not important until the 6 years.

Factors of risk.

Diabetes (mellitus or insipid)

Infection of the urinary routes.

Familiar history to get wet in the bed.

It appears in 44 % of the children if there are antecedents to pater to us and in 77% if also there are them maternal.

First - born son.


There are no effective methods.

Diagnosis and treatment.

General Measures.

To protect the mattress with a hard plastic cover.

Pajamas and slips of double layer.

Extra pajamas in the head of the bed so that the boy can change during the night.

To restrict the ingestion of liquids from 3 to 4 hours before going to lie down.

To make tinkle to the boy before lying down.

To make tinkle to the boy after several hours of dream to drain his vejiga.

To compensate to him when it does not wet the bed.

To avoid punishments or reprimands that take to emotional unloadings.


In general it is not necessary.

Antidepressants or vasopresina if the doctor considers it necessary.


Emotional and psychological sequels that can affect to the boy during years.


To wet the bed can last years.

If the boy is normal in other aspects it is necessary to consider that to wet the bed it is a maturity problem that is solved with time.

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