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The headache not only affects the adults since more or less 10% of the children who go to kinder and 50 % of which they go to primary suffer it and the problem is so severe, that when finishing the infantile stage, approximately 90 % of the children and children already know what is an annoying headache.

This without a doubt must to the estresante life that the modern children and children have. The interminable and complicated scholastic tasks, the emotional and economic familiar problems, the class extra, the friendships that go and come, the pressures of the parents so that they are the best ones, the feelings of fault when something works bad, the lack of understanding, disqualification and worse still the lack of familiar attention, the effects of the environmental contamination, the lack of opportunities to amuse themselves, to run, to play outdoors, the violence of the information and the called programs "infantile", the numerous diseases that now aquejan them, living in an ambient plenty of tobacco smoke and many situations more, are the cause of this suffering.

The headaches are favored of the sort life and must be taken in serious, since they mean that something walks bad and far from being a simple problem that can be solved with an analgesic one, they can get to have severe consequences if they are not taken care of suitably.

So when a boy or girl shows that he hurts the head to him and it is not suffering any other disease:

Llévelos to pediatra so that they are reviewed.

If it observes that they blink, they sharpen the Vista to see, they lagrimean or they have difficulty to read, llévelos with an ophtalmologist, since the problems of visual sharpness cause headaches while they are not corrected.

It finds out if it had breakfast and it ate well.

whichever time Observes happens the television set in front of, the computer or the videojuegos.

It investigates if they are not giving some drug him or which are the indirect effect of the medicines that consume, in case that it is doing it.

If the pains are frequent, it writes down to what hour they give the pains him and registers the relation of events or foods that have consumed in those schedules.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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