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It is a infectocontagiosa disease that only trasmite by direct bonding and reiterated with patients who carry the bacillus in the injuries of the skin or nasofaríngeas secretions, although all the people in risk do not contract it.

The disease is caused by the bacillus of Hansen or Mycobacterium leprae. It has cleared form of rod and ends and can invade any organ with the exception of the Central Nervous System. He is particularly abundant in mucosa of the pharynx that corresponds to the mouth, in the skin, specially in the areas you cold more like ears, back of the fingers, elbows, etc. and in the peripheral nervous trunks.

It takes generally of 3 to 5 years in incubating itself, although there are cases of babies of 6 months that suffer it. At the moment one calculates that 15 million people anywhere in the world suffer it. It is considered like one of the diseases of the poverty, since it attacks people of low resources generally and with bad hygienic conditions and of health.

It is a disease of chronic and prolonged evolution, attacks the peripheral skin, nerves, the eyes and mucous membranes.

Between the symptoms they are:


Loss of appetite.

general Malaise, decay and postration.

Injuries in the skin in form of spots of reddish color "dry leaf" or with pale centers, grudges, ulcers or scars in the face, arms and legs.

Another symptom can be lack of perspiration and fat production in the skin, as well as erection of the hairs and hair.

the bacteria can affect the movement of the eyelids and the production of tears, which can take to the dryness in the cornea, ulcers in the eyes and blindness.

Anesthesia of the injuries, that is to say, does not hurt due to the destruction of the sensitive nervous completions.

Paralysis by destruction of motor fibers in the affected parts.

Hands in claw form.

fallen Foot, that it prevents to walk suitably.

Important the content of the note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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