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It is caused by parvovirus B19 and once passed the disease, is developed a lasting immunity, which means that rare time is repeated.

In spite of being a disease of the childhood, sometimes there are adults who can suffer it. When this happens in addition to sarpullido or exantema, pain or inflammation in the joints, that sometimes can last until several months, after which disappear without causing no discapacidad.

It is pronounced by slight sarpullido that he is more well - known in the cheeks, those that are blushed as if them "they had abofetado" and in some occasions it can cause to much comezón.

This disease is slight and she is not annoying, since the children do not feel generally bad and can make all their activities, exantema that is the reddening of the hard skin between 7 to 10 days and disappears single.

It is infected by means of respiratory secretions and the eruption can last several days or weeks, probably due to the heat, to the exhibition to solar rays, to the exercise, the fever or the stress, that is factors that can prolong it.

Between the symptoms and signs, they are observed:

Symptoms of slight resfriado.

Eruption shining red color in the cheeks.

Eruption in the trunk and extremities, that seem embroider and that it is vanished from the center towards outside.

Sometimes also fever appears.

Pain in the joints.

It is very difficult to prevent the disease, since I infect occurs when still there are no visible signs of the fifth disease.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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