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Juanetes, also known like Hallux valgus, is prominencias or bony deformations of great size, that they are developed in the base of the big toe of the feet, in where the footwear produces friction.

Juanetes is very painful and produces inflammation and swelling of the joints. They present / display a angulación that moves the big toe towards the center of the foot and causes that it is raised on the other fingers. This problem agrees with inflammation of "bursa", or full coat of liquid that it has like function to cushion the friction between the sinews and the bones.

They are much more frequent in the women who in the men and generally that must to hereditary problems, pressure of shoes very fit and / or with narrow end who with time deform the joint completely.

In order to know the degree advance of juanete and the level of deviation of the finger and to establish the suitable diagnosis it is required of a x - ray, since the chronic drop, reumatoide arthritis and rheumatic upheavals, also can cause deformations in the feet.

For the treatment of the pain usually they prescribe aspirins, antiinflammatory ibuprofeno or nonesteroideos medicines according to is the case and the conditions of health of the person who suffers them.

The use of greater shoes, very smooth skin or opened sandals, provides great lightening, since juanetes can get to be incapacitantes.

In many occasions one resorts to the surgery to correct the deformity of the fingers, to align the joint and to improve the support, has supported and aspect of the feet, as well as to prevent problems with hip and column caused by the difficulty and the additional effort to walk.

The surgery is generally ambulatory with local anesthesia or rachidian and 6 weeks for the recovery are required minimum, in which the finger does not have to maintain excessive weight. During the recovery the foot is due to surround firmly with elastic bandage and to use special shoes.

It is very important to make sure that the doctor who is going to make the surgery has experience and that of preference and if is possible, first operates a foot later and the other, to allow the total recovery of the operated foot while the other can be used with the help of a muleta.

During the rehabilitation, hidroterapia can be used or baths of feet, to alleviate the pain, the temperature varies of each person, some prefer other the hot water and cold.

Also he is recommendable during the rehabilitation to make exercises like gathering marbles with the fingers, rolling a bottle, to stretch the feet and fingers, doing circles in both directions and flexionando them upwards and downwards.

In order to prevent juanetes, it is necessary to use suitable shoes, that they adjust well to the foot, of low heel and ample in which the fingers can move easily. The pointed or narrow heels high and shoes in case of pleasing, must be only used less possible and for special events.

There are cases in that when juanete is very great, requires a number more of shoe or to cut the sport part in which is the protuberance or in its defect sandals with strips, shoes and special devices that adapt to the shoes to accommodate juanetes.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge by its use.

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