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Disease caused by the exhibition prolonged to high temperatures, limited ingestion of liquids or failure of the regulating mechanisms of the brain of the temperature.

He is more frequent in the greater people.



Damage cerebral caused by a discharge and prolonged corporal temperature (41ºC or more)


The treatment precóz usually provides a total recovery in 1 or 2 days.


Wear light and wide clothes during the warm time.

If it is gotten excited excessively, increases the ventilation.

Open a window, you use a fan, ventilator or the conditioned air.

It facilitates the evaporation of the sweat, which refreshes the body.

Diagnosis and treatment.


Medical file and physical examination by a doctor.

Analysis of blood and of tinkles to measure the electrolyte levels.


Medical treatment.

Hospitalization to reduce the corporal temperature and to carry out a renovation of flowed by intravenous route.

General Measures.

If somebody with symptoms is much warm and IT DOES NOT SWEAT:

Refresh quickly to the affected one.

Use a bath with lukewarm or fresh water (too much fry is not effective) or envuélvalo in soaked sheets.

Llévele to the hospital closest. It is an emergency!


After the initial treatment in the hospital, usually it is not necessary.


It is possible to be resumed as soon as they improve the symptoms.


There is no special diet.

Warn its doctor if:

It has insolation symptoms, or it observes them in some other person.

These processes can be serious or fatal.

It is an emergency!

Factors of risk.

Age superior to 60 years.

Problems for the sweating (perspiration)

Hot and humid weather.

Heated atmosphere work.

Excessive permanence to the sun.


Failure of the regulating corporal mechanisms of the heat, that induces a heat accumulation in the body when the outer temperature raises.

The failure can be the result of:

General effects of the aging.


Chronic disease.


Affection of the blood vessels.

Signs and symptoms.

I am annoying suddenly, weakness, on the point of passing out and headache.

Hot and dry skin.

Absence of sweating.

High corporal temperature.

Fast pulse.

Muscular cramps.

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