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The hypotherm takes place when there is a diminution of the corporal temperature below 35º.

This problem appears when the body begins to lose more heat of the one than it has capacity to produce and this causes that the stored energy is exhausted and begins to lower the temperature of the body.

When the temperature of the body descends, the cerebral functions are affected, causing difficulty to move, to think the lucidity or to realize danger, which prevents the person to request aid.

Also they increase the contractions muscular producing chills and when the temperature descends from 32°, a peripheral vasoconstricción is triggered that prevents the suitable sanguineous flow to all the parts of the body.

The symptoms of the hypotherm are:

Skin made blue with pale spots, fries and dry.



Insensibilidad in the congealed areas.

superficial and slow Breathing.

progressive Diminution of the conscience state.

The hypotherm by cold water immersion is more serious and their effects are faster than when by it is caused by the exhibition to the frozen air and the wind, since the losses of heat within the water are very many faster and the lowest temperature.

When a person has undergone hypotherm or freezing of some part of her body, him the hospital or center of health is due to transfer as rapidly as possible to.

In order to take care of the urgency:

1. Retírelo of the cold zone, airflows and immediately quítele the wet clothes, if it had and abríguela well.

2. In order to warm up the body, the ideal is to submerge the part affected in tempered water. If this is not possible, is necessary to warm up it with articles that are had at the hand, like blankets or clothes of wool.

3. Review feet, hands and nose, since it is case of freezing are the parts more affected and cúbralas without pressing or rubbing since it can injure it more. Ask the person who moves slowly and contantemente her fingers and hands or feet, but do not force it to walk if it has congealed the feet.

4. Prevent that the person falls asleep and observes the breathing carefully.

5. Maintain its body next to his or to the one of another person, to accelerate the corporal heating.

6. Déle to drink traguitos of hot liquids to help it to restore the temperature.

7. Deletion mark drunk I warm up like chocolate, teas, milk or broths and avoids the spirits, since between its effects, the alcohol causes vasodilatación and with them the fastest loss of the corporal heat.

8. If the person has pain, déle an analgesic one to alleviate it.

In order to prevent the hypotherm:

it is not exposed to the cold without using calientita clothes, in necessary case goes to the shelters established during this season.

It covers well its mouth, nose and hands when going out.

It avoids to get wet and if it does retires the humid clothes immediately, it does not leave cools off more.

the direct bonding with cold or congealed objects Avoids.

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