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In opposition to which it happens to the women during the menopause in which the estrogen production diminishes drastically, in the men the gonadal function is to say of the testicles does not stop steeply during the adult age (between the 45 and 50 years) reason why widely does not exist a "viril climacteric" or "andropausia", used term.

What happens is that between the 40 and 70 years, the free serum testosterone that is the biologically active one, annually diminishes approximately 1, 2 % reason why a approximately one of each eight men on the 50 years and third of the greater men of 60, shows a level under testosterone concentration.

This gradual and progressive reduction of the testosterone levels causes the presence of symptoms and signs of virilidad reduction, generally between the 55 and 60 years.

Between the caused changes they are.

Reduction of the muscular mass.

Reduction of the physical force.

Declination of the sexual function.

It is considered that a man has low levels of testosterone in blood when their 200 levels are of ng / dL independently of the age.

But although the capacity of the testicles to produce testosterone as well as the quality and amount of sperm diminish with the age, the reproductive capacity also diminishes but the man does not become infertile, since a single mature spermatozoon is enough to fertilize an ovum.

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