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It is the diminution of the function of the testicles and can be due to diverse causes:

Lack of androgen production.

Infertility or low production of spermatozoa.



Diseases of sexual transmission.

genetic or hereditary Problems.

According to the site where the upheaval is carried out, the hipogonadismo can be:

Primary or hipergonadotrópico that it has to do badly with a testicular operation.

Secondary or hipogonadotrópico, that has its origin in the inadequate operation of the gland hipófisis or hypothalamus.

In some cases the testicular function is or, but faults or defects in the organs exist white, which means that the testosterone and its metabolitos are not effective. This defect takes place by deficiency in the activity of enzymes 5 - a reductasa and aromatasa, that is the people in charge of the conversion of testosterone to Dihidrotestosterona (DHT) and estradiol respectively.

Actually clinical, several questionnaires exist that are used to evaluate the presence signs and symptoms of ADAM. One of used questionnaires more includes the following questions:

1. It has had diminution of the libido (sexual impulse)

2. It has had lack of energy?

3. It has had diminution in the force?

4. There is lost stature?

5. It has noticed a diminution in its capacity to enjoy the life?

6. There are been sad, null and voidable or both?

7. Their erections are less strong?

8. It has noticed a recent deterioration in its capacity?

9. To duer itself to me after having supper?

10. There has been deterioration to make its work?

When a patient responds IF to questions 1 either 7 or to other three questions, she has a high probability of having androgénica deficiency, reason why she is suggested to go to the urólogo doctor and to make blood examinations to determine its levels of testosterone.

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