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Hipocondría is a problem of mental health, that is characterized to think that it is being suffered or that a disease is had, by the simple fact to feel one or several exaggerated symptoms that in most of the cases "is invented" or.

This problem gets to be very severe since it affects the quality of life of those who suffers it and its relatives, since they feel impotent and incapable to give aid to the patient.

Sometimes this problem appears of sporadic form and in other occasions he is chronic and it appears almost always when there are crisis or periods of depression, solitude, anxiety or stress and the person does not know as to canalize them or to handle them and feels an enormous necessity to call the attention, although also they are symptoms of a person with schizophrenia.

Hipocondría is a problem that appears most frequently in men and although it is commonest between the 30 to 40 years in men and between the 40 to 50 in the women, are children and young people who also suffer and the "patients", live hoping that the doctor says to them that they have something burdens, to be calm, although little he lasts to them, because soon they begin "to feel" new symptoms.

Frequently, this problem appears in people who have suffered some real disease, for example, an asthmatic boy, has more possibilities of developing an imaginary problem with symptoms nonrelated to the asthma.

Other people take refuge in a disease to call the attention, to elude responsibilities, to postpone or to avoid decisions, to develop compassion or to maintain to somebody to their side, reason why their "diseases" become the point to medular of all their talks.

The main problem is in which the life of the person is centered in the preoccupation by its body and being pending of any symptom, sign or manifestation that "can" indicate badly some. They tend to take care of itself in excess to avoid his "agravamiento" and always they feel that they are not taken care of suitably by the doctor, reason why consult to one and another one, reason why the family finishes very tired, with great economic expenses and bothers by the constant complaints.

The hipocondríacos are very sensible to the physical pain reason why a simple pole, blow or raspón, usually become everything an event and torment, since they wish that all the others see like very serious their problem.

The distorted interpretation of the physical symptoms gets to have such weight in their mind and their conducts and their quality of life are seen totally affected and can get to present / display very dangerous "clinical" pictures, or to conduct battles like automedicar itself by everything and for everything, with the enormous risks that this entails, also studies usually are made that by their nature represent a risk in themselves or of sinking in intense pictures of depression when feeling that they are "on the brink of madness the death".

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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