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The amount of calcium in the bones is the one that determines the normal levels or the existing problems.

The measurement of the bony density is made of different forms and normally it calculates that an adult person, the calcium levels are between 1, 300 gr. in men and 1, 000 gr. in the woman.

The existence of these amounts of calcium in the human organism is very important, since this nonsingle mineral allows to conserve the bones and the skeleton in good conditions, but also contributes to that several important processes are made, like the liberation of substances in the transmission between neurons and excitation of them, the muscular contractions, the suitable sanguineous coagulation and others.

Most of calcium it is acquired by means of diet that contains milky milk and products mainly.

When there is a problem that causes a bad absorption of calcium, together with to an inadequate feeding or problems of the paratiroidea hormone, it can cause the deficiency of calcium and vitamin D and with it hipocalcemia. Other causes are the paratiroidea hormone and magnesium deficits.

The main symptom in hipocalcemia is tetania, produced by a irritability of the union of the nervous completions with muscles and it is characterized by the adormecimiento of the hands, feet, lips or language, followed of espasmos and cramps muscular, prolonged and painful in the legs and back and the most serious cases, convulsions can be caused.

In the children, hipocalcemia early can get to cause delay mint and in the adult people depression, dementia and until psychosis.

When hipocalcemia is not controlled on time, also it causes other alterations, like escamosa and dry skin, cataracts, rough hair and fragile nails.

Of the acute cases of hipocalcemia, the treatment consists of the replacement by endovenosa route of the calcium deficit, the vitamin consumption D and one balanced feeding, with special food emphasis like milk and its derivatives.

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