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To sweat is a normal function and necessary of the organism, since by means of the sweat toxic substances of the organism are eliminated and the corporal temperature is regulated.

Although perspiration increases of normal form before any physical activity, by minim that is, when the sweat is excessive, the problem is possible to be turned one bothers and laborious called disease hiperhidrosis, that causes the stained one and soaking of the clothes and objects with which contact is had.

Exact numbers in our country do not exist, nevertheless some studies indicate that around 1% of the Mexican population it undergoes hiperhidrosis, that in addition is a disease estigmatizada by the society since it is generally related to lack of hygiene and negligence, generating to social isolation and difficulty in the suitable treatment.

It is not known well which is the cause that originates it, but is related to an hyperactivity of likeable fibers of the nervous system that causes an increase of the sudomotora answer. The hiperhidrosis also generalized can be caused by some alteration in the Endocrino System like the hipertiroidismo or by some alteration in the Central Nervous System.

Although it is not a very common problem, usually it mainly affects to several members of a family and to the young people, causing serious psychological problems that make difficult the social relations and in many occasions the scholastic and professional work.

The primary hiperhidrosis or excessive perspiration, appears mainly in the palms of the hands, the armpits, the face and the plant of the feet, the inferior region of the breasts and ingles, that usually presents / displays bluish a pink or white color.

When perspiration is excessive and constant, the skin mainly in the feet, can present / display a macerated appearance and present / display fissures and descamaciones, which also causes a bromhidrosis, that is the loosening of a very disagreeable scent due to the decomposition of the cellular remainders and the sweat by the bacteria and leavenings.

The secondary hiperhidrosis, takes place like manifestation of some pathological process, like hipertiroidismo, hormonal therapy or hormonal disfunción caused mainly during the menopause or by psychiatric diseases and obesity, among others.

On the other hand, the increase of the humidity in the skin, can trigger other diseases like dermatitis by contact or micosis, due to the presence of fungi.

When the hiperhidrosis is generalized, by regulating it is also accompanied by fever.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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