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Although the calcium constitutes one of the main elements that circulate around the body, if it exceeds the required amount or it diminishes it, causes diverse problems in the health.

Around 99% of the total of calcium it is concentrated in the bones and the rest acts as diverse that help the sanguineous coagulation, in the neuronal transmission, the muscular contraction and in the contractions of the heart.

When the calcium levels in the body rise, a problem known like hipercalcemia takes place that alters all the functions of the organism.

One of the main causes of hipercalcemia is the tumors and the exaggerated function of the paratiroides glands, whose cause is not known.

Also the calcium carbonate or some diuréticos is caused by the consumption of some medicines like. This also is suffered by people from hipertiroidismo or acute renal insufficiency.

The manifestations of hipercalcemia vary depending on the calcium level that there is in his sanguineous torrent and the effects can be from asintomáticos, is to say that any symptom is not pronounced, until causing a comma state, when the levels too much are elevated, which causes that the kidneys do not work suitably and the brain is affected in its main functions.

When the increase of calcium is fast and intense it causes hypertension, upheavals in the conduction of the nervous impulses at cardiac level and can get to also cause pancreatitis and peptic ulcer, in addition to the renal damage, this because the calcium begins to deposit in different parts the body like the skin, the heart, the lungs, the kidneys and the stomach among others.

When the disease is slight can be caused the elimination of calcium by means of tinkles it, administering to serum and diuréticos.

The hemodiálisis is a procedure used in difficult cases, when the kidneys do not work suitably.

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