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Hidrocefalia, is a serious disease that is characterized by the accumulation of cefalorraquídeo liquid in the spaces of the brain and the skull.

The cefalorraquídeo liquid, in normal conditions takes place in almost half daily liter and after circulating to the interior of the cerebral ventricles, that are the cavities that exist in the interior of the brain and which they communicate to each other, it is reabsorbido by the sanguineous and replaced torrent for a new dowry.

But when it is accumulated or one takes place of more, it increases the pressure inside the intracraneal cavity and compresses the brain, injuring it sometimes of irreversible form.

In most of the cases, hidrocefalia is developed when a cerebral ventricle is blocked, which can be generated by an exaggerated growth of weaves, cerebral hemorrhage, inflammation or cerebral traumatismo, inflammation or traumatismo in the head and exceptional cases, it must to the excessive production of cefalorraquídeo liquid because of a cerebral tumor.

This disease can be:

Congenital: When one takes place during in pregnancy by cerebral malformations that prevent the circulation of the cefalorraquídeo liquid. This disease is relatively frequent, since it affects approximately to one of each thousands been born, mainly premature.

When a baby is born with hidrocefalia, she presents / displays the deformed head and of great, abnormal size. Usually it cries constantly and it vomits frequently and often it has espásmicos movements. If the disease is developed to the beginning of the fetal formation, presents / displays considerable cerebral damage.

Generally, around half of the babies who are born with hidrocefalia, they get to die less, between which they are put under surgery and they survive, than half they do not present / display intelligence problems and the rest undergoes diverse degrees of mental or neurological deficiency.

Acquired: It is caused by injuries or cerebral diseases in the course of the life. Between most frequent they are the tumors, intracraneales hemorrhages or infections like the meningitis. Other causes can be virales infections transmitted by the mother during the pregnancy, congenital defects or some injury during the childbirth.

If it is developed in the childhood when the bones of the skull already united and are closed, it produces an increase of the pressure in the skull and the same brain. This type of hidrocefalia can be due to diseases that affect the brain, among them the meningitis, the encefalitis, or an abscess or cerebral tumor. It is possible that the symptoms include an intense headache, mental alterations, blurred Vista, vomit, I navigate and deficient coordination.

Normotensa, is hidrocefalia that appears in greater people and is pronounced by mental alterations, by regulating it is confused with Alzheimer and other degenerative cerebral sufferings to him.

The cause is not known although some patients have antecedents of injuries in the head and meningitis.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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