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The spine or spine is formed by 24 individual bones called vertebrae, that are joined upon others forming a flexible column that is the support of the body. The vertebrae are divided according to their location in cervical, lumbar, dorsal and sacred.

Within the column an important neurological structure called spinal marrow runs that vice versa contains thousands of nerves that leave her to each part of the body to take, to receive and to transport the information from the different parts from the body towards the brain and.

The vertebrae are in favor separated of smooth discs of cartilage, calls intervertebrales discs, that are constituted by a fibrous ring that unites to each other to the vertebrae and that on the inside, this ring presents / displays a pulpy nucleus of consistency soft, similar to a gelatin. These discs act like shock absorbers of impacts, to protect the vertebrae to each other when there is some movement and help the back to bend, to turn itself and to rotate.

The greater support of the column is the muscles of the stomach and the back, as well as many ligaments that happen of above downwards through the back.

The spine, the neck and the back allow us to walk, to seat to us, to stop to us, to run and in aim to make any movement of the extremities, reason why it is very important to take care of them since it injures them in them generally are complicated in its treatment.

Although most of the backaches and neck they are caused by bad positions also exists another reason that generates them and affects other parts of the body as they are the extremities: they are hernias of disc that is causes more or less of 80% of the pains in the lumbar region.

One hernia of disc takes place when one or several of cartilage discs, leaves its place and makes pressure on the surrounding nerves, causing intense pain. One hernia means that the external layers of this pad were broken of partial or total form, allowing the displacement towards outside some inner fragment of the disc, that compresses the nerves that there are within the column.

This problem is accustomed to to initiate between 20 and 30 years, when the fibrous ring undergoes a degeneration process that causes that the discs flatten and lose elasticity, which sometimes produces a fissure, that increases more between the 30 to 50 years giving origin hernias. The same degenerative process takes place in the pulpy nucleus what causes its disintegration and escapes of its habitual place.

The exit of the pulpy nucleus of its place is what is going to develop hernia of disc, that is going to compress the roots of the originating nerves of the spinal marrow, that is lodged within the spine. Depending on the place and type of hernia, it is that they are going away to present / display the symptoms in each person.

If hernia happens in the cervical vertebrae, the affected parts will be the arms and hands and if it happens in the lumbar vertebrae, the affected part will be of the waist for down.

There are several reasons by which the cartilage that is between the vertebrae leaves its place:

By a fall or an accident.

to make great repeated efforts of the back, in some types of work.

By some sudden and very hard action, as raising heavy objects of inadequate form or turning themselves with violence.

Of spontaneous form, without having a defined cause.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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