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It is caused by a virus that is in the liver and the blood of infected people.

The adquiereal virus to make contact with enemy with blood of some infected person, which can be given of several forms that could be many years ago, before having a rigorous control with syringes and handling of blood:

to have received blood or an organ transplant before 1991.

To share needles to inject drugs.

To sour or to have itched with a needle contaminated with infected blood and badly sterilized, through:

a) received intramuscular injections before 1991, year in which the syringes shared.

b) in dental treatments or surgery before that year. c) by donation of blood also until that date since it was not counted on disposable material and the glass syringes and insufficient methods of sterilization were used to eliminate the virus.

To sour of accidental way with a contaminated needle of blood infected when making certain works as those of laboratory assistants and personal of health are.

To be somewhere made a perforation of the body or a tattoo with nondisposable instruments, used previously in other not sterilized people and.

to be put under renal dialysis before 1991.

To share many sexual pairs without protection (condón.

Also it is a frequent complication in the patients who have alterations in the coagulation, for example the hemophiliac.

It is a chronic disease and their symptoms can take in pronouncing themselves up to 15 or 20 years after I infect.

It is a dangerous disease and it burdens since.

1 of each 50 people suffers it.

one becomes a chronic infection with much facility.

there is no vaccine for this type of virus.

It can cause serious diseases of the liver like the hepática cirrhosis.

The ill people usually complain muscular pains and much fatigue and when it is very outpost in addition to the cirrhosis also to cause encefalopatía.

Now all the transfusions of blood take control of much security to prevent this and other problems like the AIDS, but the people who had necessity of a transfusion before 1991, could be in risk of developing it.

The patients with this type of hepatitis generally do not find out that they have it by lack of symptoms or because these are so slight and vague that they attribute themselves to an influenza.

The majority is not cured and must be dealt with drugs to avoid the development of the cirrhosis or cancer and the treatment also depends on the stage in which the disease and of the type of virus is diagnosed, since it is caused by six genotypes different from which commonest is the IB.

For this type of hepatitis there is no vaccine, reason why if some person has received blood or its derivatives, it is recommended to him to be made an analysis of blood to determine the possible presence of antibodies. The test that is due to make is the one of ELISA, the same one that are used to detect the virus of the AIDS and in case of leaving positive, to go with a gastroenterologist, infectólogo, internista or hepatólogo is recommended to receive the suitable treatment.

In order to prevent it it is important to follow the norms of bioseguridad established for the donation of blood and other corporal organs and to avoid to have even sexual relations with manifold or without protection.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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