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Hepatitis B, before well - known like sérica hepatitis, is very contagious and it is transmitted by means of blood, semen, vaginal saliva, secretions, tears, sweat, maternal milk and other liquids of the organism of a carrying person of the virus.

Although a great percentage of people manages to eliminate it of their organism, others get to develop a chronic hepatitis. In many cases it can be mortal since a hepática cirrhosis or cancer of liver can evolve in.

The period of incubation is of between 45 to 120 days and it is infected through:

sexual Contact with infected people.

sanguineous Transfusions of blood contaminated with the virus.

shared Use of needles for the drug consumption.

Use of needles shared for the application of tattoos or earrings or grafts in the skin.

This type of hepatitis is prepared by means of the vaccine that is very effective, safe in people who have diabetes, cancer or some disease of the immunological system in which he is not recommendable to apply it.

In order to prevent it it is necessary to adopt responsible sexual conducts like:

To have a single sexual pair and that it also has it.

To use condón in any relation of risk, as they are multiple sexual pairs, relations accidental or low the influence of drugs and alcohol.

not to share syringes that have been used previously.

To go to establishments recommended by the Secretariat of Health for the positioning of earrings or the accomplishment of tattoos and to make sure that in each case disposable new needles are used.

To use gloves and to consider all the established measures of protection for the people who manipulate blood or have contact with her.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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