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It is a genetic disease and hereditary that affects the coagulation of the blood and by the same the person that suffers it it tends to have bled abundant and continuous although the injuries or bruises that it has are very slight.

Hemofilia is a disease related to chromosome X, of the mother who is carrying of the defective gene, but that does not get to suffer the disease, since this one develops only the men to it. In case that a man suffers it, it inherits only the gene to its daughters women, but they will only be carrying and transmitting, but they will not develop the disease. The gene of hemofilia is not transmitted of father to son.

Between the symptoms, of this disease they are: the uncontrollable nasal hemorrhages, pain and muscular swelling and to articulate caused by the bled one, specially in the knees and elbows and hematomas or bruises.

This problem must to that in the blood there are twelve very important coagulating factors. These work in equipment and must be together, if some of the 12 factors does not work or, the rest of coagulants cannot form a clot that allows to inhibit or to stop the bled one.

In hemofilia, the factor VIII or the IX, which they are a protein that conducts battle when the walls of the blood vessels are damaged, usually fails or works in little amount, which unbalances to the rest of the factors.

There are two classes of hemofilia and on them it depends the treatment:

hemofilia To, in which it fails the coagulating factor VIII and that represents 80% of the cases.

hemofilia B, in which it fails coagulating factor IX.

The problem is in which the hemophiliac does not bleed with greater rapidity than the other people, but whom more time of the habitual one bleeds, and as its coagulation process is not the normal one, is necessary to administer to him whenever there is bled a devoid or deficit factor of his coagulation,

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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