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Heat blow.

It is a type of dehydration caused by the exhibition prolonged to high temperatures with a limited ingestion of liquids.

He is more frequent in greater people.


The precocious treatment usually provides a total recovery in 1 or 2 days.



Factors of risk.

Adults of more than 60 years.

Excessive sweating and deficient ingestion of liquids.

Recent disease that has caused loss of flowed by vomits or diarrea.

Heated atmosphere work.


Often drink water, does not hope to be thirsty.

If it sweats much, drinks more water.

If the production of tinkles diminishes, it increases the ingestion of water.

Diagnosis and treatment.

Historial diagnosis and physical examination by a doctor.

Analysis of blood and of tinkles to measure the electrolyte levels.


Medical treatment.

Hospitalization to carry out a replacement of flowed by intravenous route.

General measures.

If the affected one undergoes one lipotimia BUT IT SWEATS:

Adminístrele liquid (water, refreshment or juice of fruits)

It does not give salt pills him.

Except in the slight cases, trasládele to the hospital.

Ask for the opinion of a doctor.


After the initial treatment in the hospital, usually it is not necessary.


It is possible to be resumed as soon as they improve the symptoms.


Maintain a hidratación correct; see the prevention section.

Warn its doctor if:

It has symptoms of heat blow, or it observes them in some other person.

These processes can be serious or fatal.

It is an emergency!

Signs and symptoms.

The skin is fresh and humid.

Pale or grayish skin.

Slow pulse.


Muscular cramps.

Corporal temperature normal loss or.

Dark or orange yellow color tinkles.


Loss of corporal liquids by the sweat in absence of liquids that replace them.

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