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This problem that is pronounced of several forms is one of the first causes of death in Mexico and the age average of the cases of death is of 53 years.

These diseases also cause severe discapacidades since they happen when a zone of the brain is private of blood, which gets to cause injuries and / or death in the cerebral weave affected and with it the injury of his functions.

Most of the Cerebral Vasculares Events, they are located in one of the following categories:

Cerebral infarct. Also known as it attacks cerebral it happens when it leaves from the brain is private of oxygen due to a blockade (clot) or to a breakage of a blood vessel, which causes that the nervous cells within the affected zone cannot work and die in few minutes, affecting to part of the body controlled by those cells that unfortunately are not replaced like others of the body.

Cerebral Trombosis. It is the suffering commonest and it happens when a sanguineous clot or trombo in some of the arteries forms that supply of blood to the brain. Often it is preceded by miniattacks like small convulsions, also called transitory isquémicos attacks.

Cerebral Embolia. It happens when in the organism a piston forms or clot, that travels by all the sanguineous torrent and it lodges somewhere of the brain.

Hemorrhage or spills cerebral. It must to the rupture of debilitated blood vessels or by cerebral aneurism.

Subarachnoid hemorrhage. It is caused by a traumatismo and it happens generally when a blood vessel breaks and empty between the brain and the skull, instead of doing it within the brain.

These events generally attack of unexpected form, nevertheless, there are factors of riesgoque contribute to its appearance and among them they are:

the arterial hypertension and its badly control.

the cardiopathies or diseases of the heart.

the aterosclerosis, that narrows the blood vessels with deposits of fat and cholesterol.

the diabetes.

the excess of red globules in the blood.

Other factors of risk can be: the tabaquismo, the alcoholism and the consumption of contraceptive tablets.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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