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Its origin is not known, although it is related to hereditary and environmental factors.

It is a serious mental upheaval that is pronounced by serious alterations of the thought, the perception, the feelings and the conduct and of the contact with the reality, that leads to the incapacity to separate the real experiences of the imaginary ones.

The acute schizophrenia is distinguished to present / display serious psicóticos symptoms like hallucinations, irrational deliriums, acts and outlandish conduct.

Some people can only have one of these episodes in their life, whereas most of the schizophrenics, experience them during their life of recurrent form and very dangerous, since in many cases, this it can lead them to the suicide, reason why the opportune and adapted attention is very important.

Its incidence can very be elevated, since in some countries, the people with schizophrenia occupy around 20% of the total of beds in the hospitals.

This disease appears with greater incidence in people of low socioeconomic level and is more frequent in young people, the same affects people of both sexes.

These people live in their chaotic world, which produces a great anguish to them that can lead them to the suicide.

The deliriums nonstructured, come from the content of their altered thought, generally of megalomaníaco type, by a side supernatural people are created and superequipped able to save to the world and by another one they feel that they are not nothing important. Hallucinations more common are auditory, since they listen to threatening voices which they have to take care of to make what they order to them, in a species of reading of the thought of very particular form.

IMPORTANT. The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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