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The epilepsy is a disease that generally, begins to develop in the childhood and that does not have an origin or specific cause, but that without a doubt causes much tension and fear to the parents or people near the children.

When the epilepsy initiates before the 18 years is considered of early beginning and it is associated to development problems, when it appears after this age, is associated to problems acquired like traumas or blows, tumors or cerebral vascular disease.

Generally, the children prone to develop epilepsy can experience his first convulsion during some viral disease and / or when presenting / displaying fever.

Between the common symptoms of the infantile epilepsy it is the presentation of convulsions that are affected in the morning without apparent reason during the first hours and that are accompanied with sensation by I am annoying.

Before an attack or crisis, sometimes changes of humor, irritability, headache usually appear and some subtle changes of the personality, which stops many parents, are a great aid to predict events and to be able to prepare to take care of them suitably since once initiated they are not possible to be stopped, but solely to control the external factors that could represent a danger during the crisis.

The primary treatment of children with epilepsy is fundamentally with medicines anti - convulsivantes, nevertheless exists also a treatment known like Stimulation of the Vague Nerve, that has turned out to be very effective and it is based on the use of the system NeuroCybernetic Prótesis, that consists of the positioning of a generator of pulses, with bipolar cables, twig programmer and magnets to maintain with the hands and that it has like purpose of controlling the intensity of the convulsions.

Also it is important for the tranquillity of the parents, the knowledge that not all the convulsions that appear during the childhood are by epilepsy, since many diverse upheavals that although there is to take care of, the majority is not of gravity and can originate them. Among them they are cardiovascular who can be due from espasmos of the sob caused by tempers and uncontrollable weeping, to problems by muscular alterations of the dream and, síncopes or faints, tics, migrañas, fear, effects of some medicines, envenenamientos, blows and other problems more.

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