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Kissing disease.

An infectious viral disease that affects the respiratory system, liver and lymph system.

Teens and young adults (10 to 40 years)


Spontaneous healing in 10 days to 6 months.

Fatigue often persist for 3 to 6 weeks after the other symptoms have disappeared. Some patients suffer from a chronic form in which symptoms persist for months or years.


A contagious virus (Epstein - Barr virus) that is transmitted by contact between people, as the kissing, sharing food or coughing.

Signs and symptoms.


Sore throat (strong at times)

Loss of appetite. Fatigue.

Inflammation of the lymph glands, usually on the neck, armpit or English.

Hypertrophy of the spleen.

Hypertrophy of the liver.

Jaundice with yellow skin and eyes (sometimes)

Headache. Generalized pain.

Risk Factors.


To decrease disease resistance.

Fatigue or overwork. The high incidence among college students and military recruits could be due to lack of rest and overcrowding.


Avoid contact with people suffering from infectious mononucleosis.

If you have mononucleosis, shy away contact with people with immunodeficiencies, to prevent grab mononucleosis, which in his position can be very serious.

Diagnosis and Treatment.


His own observation of symptoms.

Medical history and physical examination by a doctor.

Analysis of blood.


Health precautions.

Auto care after diagnosis.

Medical treatment.

Hospitalization (rarely)

General Measures.

To relieve a sore throat, then gargle with frequent strong tea or warm salt water.

Not much effort to move the intestine. It might hurt if you have the spleen Verrucosus.


In mild discomfort, you can use drugs without a prescription, such as paracetamol or metamizol.

Do not take aspirin could be associated with Reye's syndrome.

If symptoms are severe, your doctor may prescribe a short treatment with cortisone.

Treatment with steroids has many contraindications and precautions, so your doctor should prescribe.


Save your bed, especially if you have fever.

Go back to your normal activities gradually.

Rest when you feel fatigued.

Do not participate in contact sports or strenuous until at least 1 month after full recovery.


No special diet.

You may lose your appetite while you are sick.

Keep an adequate intake of fluids. Drink at least 8 glasses of water or juice every day, more during periods with high fever.

Tell your doctor if.

The following occurs during treatment:

Fever (over 38. 9 degrees)

You have constipation.

You have pain in the left upper abdomen for 5 minutes or more.

Has difficulty breathing or swallowing by a severe inflammation of the throat.


Meningitis or encephalitis (rare)

Diagnosis wrong with streptococcal throat infection, resulting in a treatment with antibiotics as useless as unnecessary.

Drilling of the spleen, with the resulting emergency surgery.

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