Enfermedad de Addison

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Enfermedad de Addison
Our organism is governed and controlled by two great systems nervous and the endocrino. On this last one they depend the hormone production and other vital elements that regulate diverse metabolic processes and these generate in the glands that we have located throughout the body and in some organs.

All the glands are important by the mission that they develop and of them with the suprarrenales glands, that are located in the kidneys and are in charge to produce hormones that are complex chemical substances that regulate many vital functions of the organism as they are: the adrenalin or epinefrina, related to the fear, stress, the pain, the anxiety and other reactions of the body, hidrocortisona and other steroids that help the immunological system and to regulate the glucose levels in blood and the arterial pressure; the aldosterone that maintains the balance of liquids and chemical substances; the androgens and the progesterone, necessary for the human reproduction.

The disease of Addison or primary suprarrenal insufficiency, is a chronic and permanent disease that is developed as a result of an inadequate function of the suprarrenales glands, with an insufficient production of corticoids.

The sufferings of the suprarrenal gland also can be: Adrenal insufficiency, adrenocortical Hipofunción or Chronic Adrenocortical Insufficiency, Syndrome of Conn, Syndrome of Cushing, aldosteronismo or feocromocitoma.

This alteration takes place as a result of the gradual and progressive destruction of the suprarrenales glands, by an inflammatory process, metástasis of tumors or by diverse degenerative processes.

One does not know the cause or origin well this atrophy and although it can appear to any age, is between the 30 and 40 years when it does most frequently and with equal prevalence in both sexes.

Nevertheless the damages in the suprarrenales glands can be due a:

Problems autoinmunes, is to say an attack of the immunological system of the body to the gland.


chronic Infections.

Citomagalovirus associated to the AIDS.

Infections by fungi like: bastomicosis, histoplasmosis or coccidioidomicosis.

By originating cancer of the breasts, lung, kidneys, colon or by linfomas or sarcoma of Kapusi.

By irregular treatments with corticoesteroides.

By hemorrhages in the suprarrenales glands, caused by the use of anticoagulating medicines or state of shock.

By treatments with radiations. By the medicine use like ketoconazol or etomidate.

to suffer chronic diseases like: Sarcoidosis, hemacromatosis, amiloidosis, adrenoleucodistrofia, adrenomielodistrofia.

Between the important factors of risk, they are:


Antecedent relatives with disease of Addison.

Diabetes of Type I.

Pernicious Anemia.



Disease of Serious.

serious Miastenia.

excessive medicine Consumption steroids or anticoagulants.

abdominal or renales Injuries or surgeries.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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