Testicular PAIN

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Testicular PAIN
The testicles are part of the masculine sexual organs. They are the masculine glands that produce the spermatozoa, masculine cells that when fertilizing the feminine ovum, allow the formation of a new being.

They are placed between the legs, under the penis and outside the contour of the rest of the body reason why its temperature he is a little smaller.

Places setting by a called stock market of skin escroto, in their interior contain a true tubular labyrinth coiled, in which they form, grow and mature the million spermatozoa that continuously are taking place and that once formed, happen to another segment located in the later edge of the testicles called epidídimo, that is a long and narrow tube in where they remain days before being eyaculados or to die.

Epidídimo is connected with the corresponding deferential conduit that is near vejiga. These are organs that act the as to store the spermatozoa and to lead them to the outside.

The seminal vesicles or conduits are two membranosos receivers that have pear form and they are located between vejiga and the rectum. Its end is united to the corresponding deferential conduit to form the conduit eyaculatorio. They secrete a substance that along with the spermatozoa constitutes the sperm or semen.

The testicles, are very delicate organs and sensible and many sufferings in addition to the blows, can cause testicular pain. Between the most common problems they are the epididimitis, or inflammation of both long túbulos of each testicle and the torsion that is the rotation of the testicle on his own espermático cord.

The medical one can generally differentiate the epididimitis from the torsion observing if the cord is entangled and if it has happened the displacement characteristic of the torsion.

If some doubt exists, the sanguineous flow studies to differentiate both sufferings since when it is a torsion, flow diminishes to him and when epididimitis appears, generally it increases.

The accurate diagnosis is very important, since there are other diseases that can cause symptoms such like: in cancer in the testicles. The paperas in an adolescent or adult, prostatitis, the infections of vejiga, hernias, hidrocele and varicocele.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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