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A chronic pain is considered to which it lasts more than 6 months and that do not respond to the habitual therapies for their control, like the surgeries, the medicines, the rest, the fisioterapia or other means and by the same the doctors consider that no longer it is a symptom, but a disease in himself.

In the United States one calculates that half of the population suffers somewhere of chronic pain its body and in Mexico thinks that the number can be equal.

The chronic pain can last years and causes serious damages in the quality of life of the person and although many diseases produce pain by the damage in the organs that affect, the syndrome of chronic pain lacks identifiable physical cause and this it is declared with so, when the patient is put under examinations of all type and apparently there is no a causal one that justifies it.

The pain can have arisen as a result of a slight traumatismo or from a surgical procedure, but it continues much later of which the patient "has healed" or has been registered by the doctor.

Between the more frequent chronic pains they are the one of head and the one of back.

Many made studies establish a bond with a psychological mechanism called somatización, in which the emotional states are pronounced in organic sufferings and some have related it to situations of anxiety, depression or emotional malaise.

Independently of as it is the origin of the disease or of if is an organic reason that it causes it, the life of that suffers it affects, deteriorates the capacity to study suitably, to work, to establish social relations and to sleep. The feelings of hopelessness and neglect produce much stress and take to the depression and to the isolation, which also causes that the familiar relation is affected and the demands of the patient arrive to tire, to anger or to make hopeles the relatives.

The chronic pain is a preoccupation in the public health, of such form which already pain places of and specialistic doctor in taking care of this problem exist in many clinical, more and more increasing.

The treatment must occur under an integral approach that includes medicines, therapies, physical techniques of relaxation, quiropráctica, motivation towards conductuales changes, exercises, massages and in some cases electrical hypnosis or stimulations and when they get to be very severe, until the internamiento of the patients to be able to administer more powerful medicines.

The chronic pain can be caused by inflammatory arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis and other sufferings, neuropatía postherpes to zoster, paralysis of Bell, diabetic neuropatía, postsurgical syndrome of carpiano tunnel, cancer, effects with injuries in nerves and others, but in all the cases he is advisable to look for aid suitable and specialized to control it and to improve the quality of life since a continuous and systematic pain can take to the depression, to the isolation and often to the suicide.

Reference: Guide of Clinical May on chronic pain.

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