Atopic dermatitis

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Atopic dermatitis
The atópica dermatitis or eccema is a frequent disease that affects to 1 of each 5 children or smaller children of 12 years and that although, when arriving at the puberty presents / displays a great improvement, while they suffer his quality of life deteriorates much.

Its origin is mainly genetic and hereditary, reason why strongly it is related to antecedents of personal or familiar allergic diseases.

The inflammation is produced by an exaggerated reaction of the immunological system of the skin before environmental and emotional factors, that can vary from irritating - like chemistries - to alergenos - like the dust - or stress. These factors it is known them like leading.

In small children, ronchas appears in the face, hairy leather, extremities, mainly in you fold them of the skin or in the zone of the diaper. In the adults, the affected zones are folds of the elbow and the knees, the wrists, the eyelids and the neck.

One pronounces as a chronic inflammatory process in the superficial part of the skin and is characterized by grouped temporáneos buds of ronchas that cause much comezón. Between its manifestations also they are the rinitis, conjutivitis and the allergic reactions to certain foods.

The first manifestations appear generally during the first year of life and the appearance pictures have to do with the exhibition certain environmental elements like the dust, the aerosols, the suavizantes for the clothes, the wool clothes, the abrupt changes of temperature or humidity or stress.

Their special characteristics are: intense dry skin, comezón, reddish injuries, risen and some of them accompanied by small blisters with liquid content that after days and by rascado or the friction they change of coloration.

The atópica dermatitis is very annoying by comezón of those who suffers it, but also by the familiar and social effects that it has, since the children who suffer it usually are isolated by the fear to I infect and do not sleep well.

The treatment, is focused to prevent the infections, to diminish comezón, to improve the dream and to maintain hydrated the skin. At the present time noncorticoids exist medicines already that alleviate the disease without causing indirect effect.

In order to avoid complications, they are recommended: the short, nondaily baths and with lukewarm water; to dry the skin without carving it not to cause comezón and to more apply humectantes recommended by the doctor; to use cotton clothes and the use of perfumed soaps, talc, cosmetics and other substances identified by the patient.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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