Dengue haemorrhagic fever

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Dengue haemorrhagic fever
The Dengue Hemorrágico also called Syndrome of Shock by Dengue is much more serious and can get to be mortal. Symptoms of dengue can be presented / displayed such classic, but the hard fever of 2 to 7 days.

Other additional symptoms are:

the hemorrhages in the skin, calls petequias or cardinals.

Bled in encías, called epístaxis.

Hematemesis that is vomits with blood.

Melena or presence of blood in excrement.

Hemorrhage of the gastrointestinal route in cases of peptic ulcer or menorragia.

When he begins to lower the fever, the patient can present / display disquiet and much dream in addition to signals of circulatory faults that they lead to the development of trombocitopenia, hemoconcentración, hipalbuminemia or I spill pleurales that can quickly lead them to undergo a shock by dengue, that if it is not taken care of opportunely, can take to the death.

Between the symptoms of urgency of dengue hemorrágico they are: severe abdominal pain, prolonged vomit, drastic change in the temperature, that oscillates between very high temperatures until hypotherm or low temperatures, change in the conscience state, disquiet or lethargy or deep dream. The signs in addition are cold and humid skin, weak and fast pulse, changes in the arterial pressure that is very low.

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