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During fetal development and neonatal hormone secreted by the thyroid gland is essential for normal growth and maturation of the brain.

For the production of these hormones is essential the Iodine (I) when incorporated in its molecule.

When, usually by dietary causes, the mother can not provide enough iodine to the fetus or infant brain development and somatic suffers, which configures cretinism.


Deficiency of iodine in the diet.

This is common in remote mountainous areas of the sea in underdeveloped countries. It was the cause of the high incidence of this alteration in the region of the Hurdes.

Use of medications, including lithium, which suppress the function of the thyroid in the mother and fetus. The untreated hypothyroidism in pregnant women.

Idiopathic (cause unknown)

Signs and symptoms.

The child at birth deformities presents significant morphological:

Macroglossia (tongue too big for his mouth)

Thickening of the skin.

Shortly hair and fragile.

Peculiar head (the skull is large in proportion to the face, with the big jaw, which gives you an aspect of 8.

The boy is "calm", little crying.

Decreased appetite.

Take weight easily, despite the lack of hunger, but it grows little (dissociation of the curves of weight and height)

Reducing the tolerance to cold.

Slow heartbeat, fast or irregular.


Mental confusion including depression, psychosis or lack of memory.

Fluid retention, especially around the eyes.

Facial expression sad and droopy eyelids.


Tingling and numbness in hands and feet.

Hoarse voice or profound.

Swollen legs.

Risk Factors.

A lack of iodine in the diet is the most frequent.

Those who cause hypothyroidism in the mother:


Surgery for hyperthyroidism.

Treatments with X - ray.

Exposure to radioactivity.

Treatment with lithium salts.


The most important, the supplement of iodized salt in remote mountainous areas of the sea to pregnant women.

The appropriate treatment of the states in hypothyroid women dela since before conception.

Diagnosis and Treatment.

General Measures.

The general appearance of the infant directed toward the diagnosis.

Laboratory blood tests of thyroid hormones.

The treatment of hypothyroidism after birth stops the evolution of abnormalities, but does not restore brain function lost.


A properly Yodo supplementation usually enough, generally recovering thyroid function.


Irreversible brain disorders.

Excessive weight gain.


Mixedematoso coma - complications with death threat from hypothyroidism.

Increased susceptibility to infection.


As we have indicated, the deterioration of brain function occurred in utero (before birth) is not recoverable, so it is always an important mental retardation.

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