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Condiloma acuminado, known generally like condiloma or genital warts, is a disease of sexual transmission caused by the virus of papiloma human.

It is characterized by the growth of an injury similar to a wart that is soft and that when being multiplied taking the form of a "coliflor" that appears in the penis, the vagina, vulva, uretra, neck of the uterus or in the anal region, places of the body that have propitious humid means for their growth and reproduction.

This disease is very frequent, but in most of the infected people symptoms do not appear. Also it can affect the children, but in these cases the disease is not transmitted by sexual route.

The main annoyances are ardor and comezón around the penis, of the vagina or the anus.

This disease is associated to the cancer of uterus neck, since some types of the virus are related to malignant cellular changes in the neck of the uterus, that detect when practicing an examination of Papanicolau. Also it is related to herpes genital.

When they are taken care of suitably, condilomas is controlable. Nevertheless, and because they are caused by a virus, the warts are accustomed to reappear frequently after the treatment, reason why it is necessary to maintain a control frequent and to make in the women the Papanicolau at least 6 months.

In general they give to good result the treatments suggested by the doctor, but in some cases the surgical treatments are necessary, mainly when the warts have reached great size. Between the used techniques more they are the electrocauterización, criocirugía, the conventional surgery and the therapy with laser.

It is necessary that the people who have suffered condilomas, abstain to have sexual relations until the disease is controlled or the doctor determines that there is no risk of I infect and in any case the use of condón is suggested, like preventive measure.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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