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The infectious cisticercosis is a disease caused by the huevecillos of a called parasite Solium Tapeworm, that produces a well - known disease like teniasis as well.

Although the two are diseases that have greater incidence in countryside, the lack of hygiene and bad food preparation, mainly of the meat of pig and in smaller degree by vegetables, vegetables and fruits, make a frequent disease in any zone and can attack any person with different levels from gravity and until the death. I also infect can occur to introduce the dirty fingers in the mouth after defecating or by water contaminated with human excrement.

The tapeworm or tapeworm, is a flat lombriz of variable size, that it lodges in the human intestine causes a teniasis. The lombriz that is a parasite consumes the nutrimentos that the person would have to take advantage of, which can take to an undernourishment. Sometimes part of this lombriz gets to expel itself when defecating, but it returns to grow, getting to reach impressive lengths.

The most serious problem is than their huevecillos, lodge in the stomach and intestine later to get up themselves by means of the sanguineous torrent to other organs in where they cause severe damages. The huevecillos of the tapeworm developed within the body or directly ingested of meat of head of cattle or pig whose foods were contaminated with excrement or those that they contain fruits, vegetables and vegetables watered with black waters, are those that cause the dangerous cisticercosis.

The cysticercus, or huevecillos of the tapeworm, usually lodge and to affect to the brain and the spinal marrow (neurocisticercosis) eyes, liver, muscles and subcutaneous cellular weave, is to say under the skin. The most serious damages are obvious in the brain.

I infect one takes place when a person who is carrying of the Tapeworm, does not use the suitable norms of hygiene, she does not wash the hands after defecating and contaminates with its hands the foods that prepare. Also the foods with black waters are contaminated or when the animals as the pig or the head of cattle ingests human excrement.

The cysticercus, forms cysts that vary of size in the brain, can have only one or tens of them. They are located in the furrows of the cerebral crust, cisterns, white substance and cerebral ventricles and the form of adopt has to also do with the damage that causes. They can be two racemosos or cellulous forms of grouping.

the racemosos, have form irregula and they do not have head with hooks and cupping glasses, are developed in the cerebral ventricles or they extend in the cortical subarachnoid space.

the cellulous ones are spherical and have their head and grarfios and formed cupping glasses or, can appear alive or dead calcified.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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