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The bony cancer or cancer in the bones, is a little common disease that it can affect any age and often makes in the childhood and adolescence.

He is one of the more painful types of cancer and difficult to control and one begins with the growth of cancerous cells in weaves of the bones that can have their origin in the same bone or arrive from other organs of the body, which is known like metástasis.

When the cancer initiates in weaves of the bones, it is known him like primary cancer of bones and when the cancerous cells are originated in another organ it knows him like secondary or metastático cancer of bones.

Between the types of cancer of the bones primary, most common they are: osteosarcoma and sarcoma of Ewing, that children and adolescents mainly affect to.

Osteosarcoma is a disease in which are cancerous cells (you vitiate) in the bone. In children it happens more frequently in the bones of the knee and generally if it is not controlled on time I could be scattered towards the lungs or to other bones.

Sarcoma of Ewing, is another type of cancer of bone, much more rare, the cancerous cells are totally different from those from osteosarcoma. Sarcoma of Ewing, mainly affects adolescents and the areas most common in than it happens are pelvis, the leg (fémur) the arm (húmero) and the ribs.

Sarcoma of Ewing is more often scattered to the lungs, to other bones and the osea marrow (the spongy weave within the long bones of the body that produces red and white globules of the blood) Also it can be scattered to the lymphatic ganglia that are throughout all the body and which they produce and they store cells of the system of defense or to the central nervous system, to the brain and spinal marrow.

The secondary cancer of bones, frequently is originated in other parts of the body and they are scattered to the bones. The cancer of breast, lungs, thyroids, prostate, stomach, colon and rectum and kidneys, are those that have more probability of propagating towards the bones.

Other types of bone cancer are:

parostótico Sarcoma. That it affects the adults and is characterized by its slow development.

Condrosarcoma. Se presents / displays in adults and mainly affects to the soft bones or cartilages of the knees, trunk, shoulders or superior part of thighs.

the Tumors of giant cells. They as much affect the knees of men as of women.

Adamantinoma. Tipo of cancer that affects the long bones, generally the tibias in the legs.

The Cordoma. That it affects the vertebrae of the low part of the back and can get to also affect the bones of the skull and the vision.

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