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Cancer of the mouth and tongue.

Excrescence abnormal in the mouth or tongue, which does not extend to other parts of the body. The forms are usually benign grow slowly over 2 to 6 years.

Adults over 60 years.


Unknown, although it is more common in people who smoke cigarettes, cigars or pipes, snuff or chewing or snuff.

Signs and symptoms.

A lump in any part of the mouth or tongue, with the following characteristics:

You can ulcers and bleeding.

It may bother to fit dentures.

May impede speech or swallowing.

Risk Factors.

The snuff.

Dentures that fit poorly.


Do not smoke or chew snuff.

Visit your dentist for annual reviews and if your teeth do not fit well.

Diagnosis and Treatment.

Health precautions.

Medical or dental treatment.

Auto care after diagnosis.

Surgery to remove the tumor.


His own observation of symptoms.

Medical history and physical examination by a doctor.

Biopsy of the tumor.

General measures.

After work, rinse the mouth 3 or 4 times a day with a soothing solution of water and salt.


In mild discomfort, you can use drugs without a prescription, such as paracetamol or metamizol.

If you are infected, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics.

The anticancer drugs are useless.


There are no restrictions.


No special diet after healing.

It was a liquid diet may need a few days after the operation.


Change in the cancerous tumor (not often)

Bleeding from the tumor.

Infection in the tumor.


Cured with surgery to remove.

The facial appearance is often able to restore with plastic surgery.

May need to be treated with radiation following surgery.

Call the doctor if.

The following occurs after surgery:


The zone bleeds operated.

He has unbearable pain.

New unexplained symptoms appear.

The medication used can cause side effects.

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