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The brain is the organ of the body on which all the reactions depend that allow us to act like human beings. It is a gelatinous mass of gisáceo color that is prote'ge'e by the bones of the skull and just begins behind the eyes and the nose and extends until the bones of paladar filled up all the craneal cavity.

One extends by means of the spinal marrow that crosses the spine until underneath the waist.

Its structure contains a trillion of nervous cells with million connection points and is the base of our existence, since it controls all the corporal mechanisms. When she lets work, the person dies irreversibly irremediable and.

In the brain are all the senses thanks to which we can see, to smell, to feel, to enjoy the foods and to hear, also are generated the feelings, sensations, emotions, the reasoning, the memory, the thought, intelligence and in aim there all the functions that distinguish to us of other alive beings, besides to control the breathing, the temperature, the appetite and in general all the processes that regulate our body, since it is the control unit of the human body.

The brain is the most important part of the Central Nervous System that also is made up of the cerebellum and the spinal marrow.

The brain is formed by a layer in form of average sphere with two halves in form of nut of pink gray color that is called córtex or cerebral crust, under that is a white substance that it is the spinal marrow that is formed of nervous fibers that form a species of wiring that maintains the information. Part is located forming the hard body that connects both parts of the brain and another one extends until the spinal marrow returns of her.

The brain is surrounded by three membranes, meninges that when they become inflamed produce the annoying headache, since the brain is insensible to the pain because it does not have sensible completions.

The space between the layers mediates and inferior of meninges he is stuffed of a yellowish liquid called liquid cefaloraquídeo, that serves as shock absorber and waters the four cerebral cameras, the ventricles and the spinal channel.

The brain, is divided in two hemispheres, the right and the left one and in him are located the zones that coordinate the movements, the senses, the tact, the Vista, the ear, the common sense, the very important reasoning, emotions, learning, speech, communication and other functions.

The cerebellum, is located in the later part of the head and it is in charge to coordinate the voluntary muscular movements and to maintain the position, the stability and the balance, among others.

The rachidian bulb, that is the prolongation of the marrow, controls the involuntary processes like: the movement of the eyes and the mouth, the transmission of the sensorial messages like the cold, heat, fear, pain, noise, as well as the appetite, the breathing, the conscience, the function cardiac, the corporal temperature, the involuntary muscular movements, the estornudos, the cough, the vomits and the swallowing among others.

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