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Very frequently the feet of many people are prone to develop to the annoying calluses and the painful eyes of fish, mainly in the women who use shoes of high heel with very narrow ends or in people who use shoes that exert much pressure on the fingers and the plant of the foot.

The calluses, are corneous layers that form in certain points of the skin because of the call hiperqueratosis, that it causes that the layers of the superior skin are engrosen by a greater presence of queratina. When losing humidity, the nervous completions are atrophied and the weave becomes harder and insensible to the pain. If this skin to a constant pressure and strong frictions is exposed it will form a yellowish surface that will form a callosity.

The calluses vary in form and size. Generally they are painless, but in some cases they become so heavy that the skin loses flexibility and bankruptcy being caused malaise. The people with diabetes or deficient circulation can contract serious infections under the calluses.

The callosities in the plant of the feet or the heels are caused by the use of shoes that press too much the feet. The people who walk all along barefoot and in all type of lands, usually develop callosities of up to 1 cm. in thickness.

A fish eye, also known like heloma or tiloma, is a reexaltación of dead weave and signs, small and round, that generally forms in diverse huesudas parts of the toes and that present / display a hard consistency, those that is born between the fingers are smooth.

The majority has yellowish tone, but they can blush when being irritated or become inflamed. They contain an armor - piercing core and ceroso that forms in the external layer of the skin and that later penetrates until the weave and you underlying nerves, causing pain mainly if it is pressed to them.

Both problems are caused by the friction or pressure on the skin, in general to use shoes or socks that correctly do not fit or to participate in artistic activities, labor or sport that implies the constant frotación and pressure.

In some cases, the calluses and eyes of fish are also developed by arthritis or deformities in the structure of the bones.

The eyes of fish and the calluses are diagnosed easily at first and a step important to avoid them and to treat them is to identify the type of footwear that is being used.

In most of the cases, the calluses and eyes of fish do not need attention medical, unless they are very annoying, recurrent or that become infected what requires of a treatment with antibiotics.

Sometimes it is necessary that the medical one cuts the heavy weave after applying the anesthetic premises and only in cases in that the fish eye is very deep requires to totally retire it by means of a small surgery that can be made in the medical doctor's office.

Several local treatments exist to easily soften and to give off the calluses in house, in form of patches, cushions or liquids that facilitate their extirpation, but that must be used with taken care of much to avoid injuries in the areas near the callus.

The fish eyes, can be eliminated smoothing them with lukewarm water and salts of Epsom and applying a humectante cream. Later it is necessary to cover them with humid gauze and to surround the foot with a plastic during minutes so that later they are possible to be rubbed with pumice stone. When they are given off is necessary to apply salicílica pomada to 5 or 10% and to cover the zone with a sticky bandage.

A very great danger that there is to take into account is if the person suffers diabetes or any disease that causes deficient circulation, the calluses must be dealed with professional form and the treatment by the same person is never due to try.

In order to prevent them it is necessary:

To use comfortable shoes, to avoid the very high heel and the narrow ends.

To use smooth socks without rugosidades.

To every day give massage to the feet, before lying down and of preference using hot water with salt, vinegar or soap to soften the hard parts.

to never use scissors or knives to clear the calluses, to go to the specialist in difficult cases in that the patches or liquids are not removed with that are acquired in the pharmacies.

To file with well - taken care of pumice stone and smoothness the rough parts of the plant of the foot and the heels.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge by its use.

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